Who We Are

We are a unique partnership of two highly professional and experienced individuals; each with their own expertise in specialist areas of law enforcement, investigation and senior leadership. Our UK police careers were spent working, leading teams, and securing results in complex and sensitive investigative environments. We now work together offering our complimentary skill sets to help a wide range of clients to develop staff, solve organizational problems, and improve performance. We are passionate about improving investigation and justice.

What We Do

iKAT Consulting offers expert Knowledge, Advice and Training to public and private sector organisations across the globe, focusing specifically on Investigative Interviewing, Investigation and Intelligence. Our bespoke service, based on extensive experience of law enforcement, investigation and criminal justice processes is highly professional, bespoke to the specific needs of each client and based on contemporary empirical research and best practise.

We offer a range of services, either on our own or with trusted partners, to suit individual clients including individual presentation sessions, master classes, short or long term training programmes, reviews and expert analysis of interviews and investigations and tailored consultation in our areas of expertise.

We have a proven track record of improving performance and professionalism in the areas of interviewing, investigations and intelligence techniques for our public and private sector clients – put us to the test.

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