What We Do

How we can help you

KAT Consulting offers expert Knowledge, Advice and Training to public and private sector organisations across the globe, focusing specifically on Investigative Interviewing, Investigation and Intelligence. Our bespoke service, based on extensive experience of law enforcement, investigation and criminal justice processes is highly professional, bespoke to the specific needs of each client and based on contemporary empirical research and best practise.


We can apply our knowledge drawn from the relevant evidence base to provide reviews, assessments and briefing papers in our areas of expertise. This can be in relation to a wide range of subjects such as miscarriages of justice, organizational problems, legislative and policy reform, training programs, staff development.


We can use our knowledge to provide advice in a number of formats from confidential verbal presentations, to large audience formal presentations , and written recommendations to formal policy or organisational change proposals.


We can convert our advice into bespoke training solutions that will develop both staff skill and organizational capability against identified objectives. We can handle all aspects from program design through either single or multi-phase delivery and concluding with evaluation.

Our Recent Work

Design and delivery of multi stage investigative interview training program for security and law enforcement officers, and development of Train the Trainer program in conjunction with international Human Rights NGO partner(s)

Review interview training program for national police service, and make recommendations for improvement.

Design and Deliver professional development workshop for accredited specialist suspect interviewers focused on pre- identified learning outcomes

Design and deliver culturally sensitive investigative interview demonstration as part of international anti-torture conference – incorporating simultaneous translation into 3 languages.

Provide expert analysis of investigative interviews conducted in homicide case , and provide report to legal team.

Scope and conduct intelligence led investigation of suspected unauthorised information disclosure within large public sector organisation.

Design and deliver investigative interview course for experienced detectives incorporating conversation management and cognitive interview techniques and adherence to specific legislation.

Conduct investigative interviews with complainants and witnesses relating to allegations of misconduct within work environment.