Griffiths Question Map (GQM)


Effective interviewing of victims, witnesses and suspects is a core ingredient of modern day investigation and requires a wide range of skills. These skills range from, at a basic level, complying with relevant legislation to, at a higher level, dealing appropriately with resistant or vulnerable people.


However, if it is accepted that the real measure of success in an interview is the amount and reliability of the information obtained then two skills stand out as essential to any interview. These are (1) the ability to ask appropriate and productive questions and (2) the ability to select and cover relevant subject matter.



The Griffiths Question Map (GQMTM) is a completely unique method of analysing interview skills and has been used across the world in both training and case review situations. If you want to find out more about how to use this tool to examine the effectiveness of an interview please get in touch.  





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